Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace price for efforts against global warming: Let the swiftboating of the Nobel selection committee begin!

Actually, it's already begun.

Also, for anyone who still thinks that Gore will be jumping into the presidential race to complete the Oscar/Nobel Prize/Presidency trifecta--and so far, only the hardest of hard-core Gore loyalists and the right-wing Hillary-hating blogosphere talk much about that, which ought to tell you something--wait until early next week, and then Google these terms:
Al Gore + Love Canal
Al Gore + Love Story
Al Gore + Invented Internet
Al Gore + Earth Tones

And watch how often the hits will appear not just at Free Republic or Pajamas Media or Drudge Report, or on O'Reilly or Limbaugh--where you'd naturally expect to find them--but in the broadcast news, and in the NYTimes and the Washington Post.

Once again, the only difference will be that, when Limbaugh says "don't forget Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet," the Post will say "Al Gore, whose 2000 presidential campaign was dogged by stories that he'd claimed to have invented the Internet…" If you say the smear, that's bad; but if you repeat the smear without correcting it, it's journalism, and that's good.

Prize or no prize, it would be astonishing beyond the power of words to describe if Gore entered the 2008 race, knowing he'd get five pieces of this kind of "coverage" for every one piece that actually focused on any issues he attempted to raise.

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RennyBA said...

I think the Norwegian Nobel Committee made a good choice as the matter or issue is important. Next year I suggest another nominated though and hope you'll support.