Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday morning toons: Special Heartland Edition

Greetings from Des Moines! I'm here at the Drinking Liberally National Convention, where we've been talking about strategies for building progressive culture in the 200+ cities around the country where there are DL chapters. And a couple of hours ago, Governor Richardson shook my hand, and I shook his. Pretty exciting stuff. More on that later.

Meanwhile, here's the weekly toon roundup, via Daryl Cagle. You've got your choice this week: You got your basic Petraeus Report-themed toons, and your basic Larry Craig-themed toons.

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Lane, Sandy Huffaker, John Sherffius, Daryl Cagle, Pat Bagley, and Mike Lester.

I was up at 3.30am Friday morning to catch a United flight out of PDX. When I got to check-in--and I got there in plenty of time for the flight, I might add, even allowing for 25 minutes in the security line--the e-ticket machine told me I'd been bumped to standby. When I finally got that straightened out, with the customer disservice agent on the phone in one ear and the check-in counter worker in the other, I had almost no time left to get to the gate. I quickly found myself in line at security check behind a woman who had five bottles of water and four cans of Coke in her carry-on bag. That didn't go well, as you can probably imagine. Of course, as anyone who flies can attest, if you're trying to get through security to make a scheduled flight on time, the last thing you want to do is make it look in any way like you are on any sort of schedule or timetable. That's just asking for it. The trick is to suggest you took the morning off to go through security simply for the fun of it. So I put on my good-sport face and didn't speculate out loud about how little this was contributing to national security. This week, Opus faces a related question: Can the experience of commercial flying in America get any worse? Here's a hint: Wobbity! Wobbity! Wobbity! (Salon Premium: Non-subscribers will have to sit through some ads first.)

Special p3 Bonus Toon: By now, everyone's probably seen the slimy TV ads by Oregonians Against the Blank Check, the astroturf front for R. J. Reynolds, attacking Measure 50. So has Jesse Springer:

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