Thursday, September 20, 2007

DL at Madison's Grill tonight, 7pm

I'm back from Des Moines and finally getting what it pleases me to call "my act" back together.

The Portland chapter of Drinking Liberally (their motto: "Promoting Democracy, One Pint at a Time") meets tonight at its new meeting place: Madison's Grill, SE 11th and Madison. Plenty of free parking! And bike racks! Yes!

I've got stories and ideas to share from last weekend's Drinking Liberally National Conference--particularly about expanding into the other "liberalies" under the Living Liberally umbrella: Not just Drinking Liberally, but also Eating Liberally, Screening Liberally, Reading Liberally, and Laughing Liberally.

Since this is our first night at the new location, we're hoping for a good turnout to show Madison's we're worth doing business with.

That being said, though, we're also invited to slip over for a while tonight to the open house for Senatorial candidate and May DL guest Steve Novick's campaign headquarters open house only four blocks away. (Drinking Liberally--we're gradually becoming the center of the universe. As it should be.) Thanks to Jake Weigler, Steve's campaign manager, for inviting us.

The more observant among you may have spotted the Backwards Bush Countdown Clock I finally got around to installing in the p3 sidebar (you'll have to scroll down a little). As you'll see, we've got 487 days left until Bush finally leaves office, during which time he may or may not attack Iran's nuclear facilities and suck us into a three-front war for which there is neither popular support nor military wherewithal. (Thanks, Lisa. Salon Premium requires sitting through some ads if you're not a subscriber.)

Join us tonight at Madison's Grill tonight for a great night of politics, conversation, and microbrews.

(And remember: DL encourages everyone to drink, and vote, responsibly.)

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brendan.chan said...

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