Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday morning toons

Bob Geiger's got the weekly round up--but not for any longer. I only mention him for his toon-tracking, but he's been a dogged follower of goings-on in the Senate. He'll be missed.

(If you liked Bob's work, find a blogger who's still giving it up for free--and if you read p3 regularly, most of the blogs you read are probably doing it for free--and send them a few bucks. They've earned it.)

And here's Darryl Cagle's countdown of the of this week's editorial cartoons.

P3 Picks of the Week: Nick Anderson, Paul Jamiol, p3 favorite Ann Telnaes. Special Mention: R. J. Matson.

Opus watches Lola Granola explore up- and down-side of religious modesty. (Salon Premium; nonsubscribers will have to sit through some ads.)

Did you know there's a "Peanuts" museum? You probably thought it was the comics page of the Oregonian, where old ("classic") strips by the late Charles Schultz, who never controlled the rights to his own characters, serve the vital function of keeping "Luann" and "Sally Forth" strips from butting into each other.

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