Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Our favorite TDS correspondent

(I'm a little late getting this one out. Apologies.)

Not that we here at p3 don't get a big ol' kick out of post-natal Samantha Bee--who's skyrocketed in our estimation over the last couple of years.

Or John Oliver, who nearly got his nose broken for a 3-minute Civil War re-enactment segment a few months back--the sort of sacrifice we normally give our highest awards to.

But John Hodgman is still our fave. And here's a little taste of the reason why.

Get 'em quick before Viacom's lawyers notice them and get nasty.

(Photo lifted without a trace of self-aware irony, from Crooks and Liars.)

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Torrid said...

I'm not sure what the designated black guy's name is, but he's my favorite these days. The thing he did with John Oliver about the use of the word nigger was priceless. Oliver as a white guy would hem and haw about using the word, stuttering and pausing...leaving the black guy to totally un-selfconsciously fill in the blanks.

Plus I was reminded last week by The Office re-runs that he did a fantastic job in his role as a diversity training expert. One thing's for sure, TDS is becoming a great farm team for new comic actors like Steve Carrell, Colbert, Rob Corddry, et al.