Thursday, April 5, 2007

DL @ LL, 7pm

The Portland chapter of Drinking Liberally (their motto: "Promoting Democracy, One Pint at a Time") meets tonight at its regular place, the Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, SE 9th and Hawthorne.

(DL meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month.)

A scant 654 days (and counting) until George Bush leaves office. Can'tcha just feel it?

And we have a special project tonight: The Nation is at work on a project called (imaginatively enough) "The Nation's Guide to the Nation," a coast-to-coast guide to progressive America. The plan is to highlight different organizations and feature "quirky liberal stories and secrets from across America." Through the DL national office, they're asking us to identify bits of liberal/progressive history or famous locations that not everyone outside of Portland would know about--but they should.

So bring your suggestions to the meeting tonight, and we'll forward them on to The Nation. Who knows--this could be just the resume line you've been wanting for years.

(And remember: DL encourages everyone to drink, and vote, responsibly.)

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