Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Follow-up: TDS correspondents we like

Last week I was holding forth on my favorite fake news correspondents on The Daily Show, and The Torrid One chided me for neglecting to mention recent cast addition Larry Wilmore.

Guilty as charged. Write the error off to on-again-off-again late-night TV vewing in the last several weeks. I'm more likely to get my Daily Show fix from YouTube right now.

Wilmore's funny, and he and Stewart play off of each other marvelously. The writers for this largely lily-white show have given Wilmore several choice segments bringing his thumb down, squarely and with gusto, on that particular nerve. Time will tell if this is the beginning of progress on that score, or if they figure that making themselves a target of their own ridicule gets them off the hook.

While we're waiting for that to sort itself out, here's an appreciation of Wilmore from Sunday's NYTimes.

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