Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Moment of Truth for Uncouth Bluths

Q: How close to dead can a TV series get without actually dying?

A: Unbelievably close, apparently.

Although FOX hasn't officially cancelled Arrested Development, and probably won't until May, now it looks like the one safe harbor for the series--Showtime--isn't going to follow through on its plans to pick up the series.

So, to be technically accurate, even though it has nowhere to leap and there are no more miracles in sight, AD hasn't been cancelled--but if it still has any of your CDs or clothes, you should probably use your spare key to let yourself in and get them before someone else strips the place.

Still, the cast managed to be philosophical:
Everyone involved in the series benefited, [series star Justin] Bateman said, including Fox. "At least they had a presence at the Emmys, which was new for them."
(Correction: Pleased with the rhyming scheme in our Variety spoof title, we inexplicably got the Bluth family name wrong in our previous post. p3 deeply, deeply regrets the error. The title for this post isn't as good as the other one, either, and p3 is pretty bummed about that, too.)

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