Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The unforgiving minute: I'll believe it when he leaves Fox News for the QVC channel

So George Will has declared that the GOP "is not my party" because it's about to sanctify Trump's presumptive status as their presidential nominee. He's now technically an unaligned voter.

What does that mean? It simply means that, now that the primary season is over, he can create a nothing-but-symbolic distance between himself and his life-long party – at least until the November election is over, at which point he can quietly return to the fold. So what if he's probably not going to cast a vote for Trump, in an election where even the negatives-burdened Hillary Clinton stands fair to clean his clock in both the popular vote and the electoral college? (And Trump, who's called Will a "loser" anyway, won't care either way).

It is the emptiest of empty gestures. All it means is that Will's going to leave the top of his ballot blank and vote Republican the rest of the way down. Trust me: It's still his party.

Nice try, George, but Jen Sorenson has got your number.  And, albeit from a different direction, so does J. D. Crowe.

Minute's up.

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