Thursday, May 19, 2016

In which The Donald has his Fredo moment

Pro tip: When you aspire to play the game at the presidential level, there are certain unforced rookie errors you don't want to make anymore. 

The classic error, of course, is assuring the American people that "I am not a crook" (which, as my father remarked at the time, is like being one of two people in an elevator and saying "I didn't fart"), although it's not much better if your spouse feels she must insist in an interview that you're not Hitler, or (my personal favorite) not the Zodiac Killer.

Which is why it's a little distressing to hear the slow-mo exploding citrus utter this in an interview following his meeting with the British prime minister (which itself didn't do much for the Special Relationship):

Okay, here's the thing: If you have to say you're not stupid -- not like everyone says -- you might need to review some of your assumptions. Because, in fact, you might be exactly like everyone says.

Now, of course, Fredo was a middle child and had pneumonia as a baby. What's Trump's excuse?

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