Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The unforgiving minute: Trump uses the air game to establish the ground game

(Updated below.)

One advantage of living in a late-primary state is that Oregonians won't find their airwaves littered up with trash like this in the next couple of months:

The Short-Fingered Vulgarian's first campaign spot, a fitting punishment for the hubris of voters of Iowa and New Hampshire, recycles some of the early campaign bluster that observers thought would kill his campaign chances months ago, and pounds on his campaign slogan.

So, Mr. Trump, when was the last time America was great? Not saying it's not. Not saying it never was. Just wanting to know when you think it was.

See, it's just that word "again" in your campaign slogan "make America great again." That means you think that, although America isn't great anymore, there was a time when it was great. Can't be great again if it wasn't great at least once before. When was that?

Note that you can't wiggle out of this question by reciting your standard list of grievances against the status quo, or by saying, however vaguely or incoherently, what policies a Trump administration might pursue.

Make it easy on yourself: just name a year. You don't even have to justify it; we can get into that later. Just name a year when you think America was great.

I'm betting you don't have an answer, and not just because you didn't learn much in the history classes at the New York Military Academy. Straight answers to that would be a distraction -- or worse, a disappointment  -- for your base and its uninformed resentments.

A straight answer, however unlikely, might also add to the private embarrassment of some of the celebrity journalists who are doing land-office business off of the coverage of your antics. (But they can be expected to soldier bravely ahead.)

Minute's up.

Update: A partial answer to my question can perhaps be found here.


Yastreblyansky said...

America was great when Trump's favorite Bible verse was on everybody's lips. You remember, it was, um.

Nothstine said...

Heh. Must have been the one about getting a yooge classy camel through the . . . no, that wasn't it. Dang.