Saturday, January 23, 2016

Eight years ago in p3: He slimed us. I feel so funky.

(Update: Link fixed. My bad.)

If it attacks a Clinton -- either Bill or Hillary will do, both would naturally be better --  and it's significantly short on verifiable details, and above all it has a nasty adolescent sexual spin that makes you want to take a shower and burn your clothes, chances are it came from the Sultan of Sleaze, the Impresario of Ignominy, the Archduke of Dirt, old Roger Stone himself.

His reputation as a right-wing dirty trickster goes back to the Nixon administration. Now that is a credential.

He's been back in the news lately, promising great big Republican head Sean Hannity that he has two dozen women on ice ready to go public with the claim that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted them, a two-rail shot toward candidate Clinton.

In 2008, he came out with an especially juvenile attack directly on Hillary. (Perhaps it's redundant to say "especially juvenile," since "juvenile" defines his standard. It's like calling one individual banana slug "especially slimy," when it's simply what they all are.) This week in 2008, I wrote about it here, in a little piece called "Heh, heh, heh."

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