Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday morning toons: Hassan chop!

Today's toons were selected based on anonymous calls from angry persons in the neighborhood, from the week's offerings at McClatchy DC, Cartoon Movement, Go Comics, Politico's Cartoon Gallery, Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoons,, and other fine sources of cartoon goodness.

p3 Best of Show: Andy Singer.

p3 Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium (tie): Clay Bennett and Stuart Carlson.

p3 World Toon Review: Fares Garabet (Syria), Ingrid Rice (Canada), and Paolo Lombardi (Italy).

Ann Telnaes admires the angelic positioning of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

Mark Fiore looks at the sleazy reason Jeb Bush isn't really really an official candidate yet. And the pathetic part is, all that stinky money isn't moving him out of the cellar. He was Sonny; he was supposed to be the next don. How he must hate it that Fredo moved into the Oval Office and poisoned the family name.

Tom Tomorrow discovers a secret weapon in defense of national security that righties have known about all along!

Keith Knight explains the fundamental principle.

Reuben Bolling asks: How can mere mortals withstand a mighty blow from a cartoonist's Rapidograph pen?

Red Meat's Ted Johnson unveils the new plan.

The Comic Strip Curmudgeon has been watching Netflix's Daredevil. As have I.

Comic Strip of the Day looks at over the top and dislocated shoulders.

Open . . . sarsparilla! Marking the good news of 400 US "advisors" going to Baghdad to help pave the way for our eventual military return to Iraq, especially if a Republican somehow gets elected to the White House next year, we proudly present "Ali Baba Bunny," directed by Chuck Jones in 1957 (with Mel Blanc as Bugs, Daffy, Hassan, the Sultan, and the Genie). I have a friend whose band from another era was named "Hassan Chop!" Watch "Ali Baba Bunny" on Daily Motion. Down, down down! Go, go, go!

The Big, And Getting Bigger Since We Welcomed Back The Departed, Oregon Toon Block:

Ex-Oregonian Jack Ohman is waiting for the asteroid.

Very Possibly Ex-Oregonian Jen Sorensen asks a question I've been wondering about for some time.

Matt Bors says: "Bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

Jesse Springer considers the possibility that the Oregon legislature butting in on marijuana legalization might not be the best move imaginable.

Test your toon captioning kung fu at The New Yorker's weekly caption-the-cartoon contest. (Rules here.) And you can browse The New Yorker's cartoon gallery here.

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