Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday morning toons: Never-Wozzers

If all you had to toon about this week was that the 2016 GOP presidential field was a clown car, you didn't make the cut and Comic Strip of the Day explains why. On the other hand, Gary Varvel (below) captures the GOP's problem for the next several months, which is that it is – and isn't – a horse race.

And congratulations to Ireland, but if all you came up with was leprechauns and rainbow flags, you probably didn't make the cut.

Oh, and FIFA is corrupt.

Today's toons were selected via a massive system of interlocking bribery from the week's offerings at McClatchy DC, Cartoon Movement, Go Comics, Politico's Cartoon Gallery, Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoons, The Nib (maybe! see below),, and other fine sources of cartoon goodness.

p3 Best of Show: Tom Toles.

p3 Legion of Merit: Gary Varvel.

p3 Certificate of Harmonic Toon Convergence: Scott Stantis and Dr. Jack and Curtis.

p3 "And He's Also The Moderate" Award: Drew Sheneman.

p3 World Toon Review: Ingrid Rice (Canada), Luc Vernimmem (Belgium), and Elchicotriste (Spain).

Ann Telnaes takes a trip down memory lane. Good times.

Mark Fiore bids farewell (maybe, perhaps, kind of, sort of, for now) to the NSA's collection of everyone's cell phone metadata, starting tomorrow.

Tom Tomorrow reveals the similarities between the origins of the Iraq War and an episode of "The Outer Limits" I'm pretty sure I remember.

Keith Knight notes: It's all about the asterisk.

Reuben Bolling investigates the tricky business of nicknames.

Red Meat's Ted Johnson and his son confirm something many of us who went to summer camp have long suspected.

The Comic Strip Curmudgeon explains the birth of the cool. Hint: It has nothing to do with a tepid Peanuts gag that launched 44 years ago this week.

Comic Strip of the Day takes us on a tour of cartoon fauna, beginning with the first B.C. cartoon I've gotten a laugh out of in years.

And I, Schmendrik, have learned that, wherever you go, it's pretty much like staying in the same place! And there you have the story of "Village of Idiots," directed and animated in 1999 by Eugene Fedorenko and Rose Newlove, narrated by Nicholas Rice from a script by John Lazarus. Thank you, National Film Board of Canada. You can watch "Village of Idiots" at NFB's site.

The Big, And Getting Bigger Since We Welcomed Back The Departed, Oregon Toon Block:

Ex-Oregonian Jack Ohman witnesses a by-god miracle.

Very Possibly Ex-Oregonian Jen Sorensen looks at the "life" side of "pro-life." Some restrictions may apply. Not to the pro-life people who make the pro-life rules, of course. Not that.

Matt Bors seems to have run out of patience with . . . somebody.

Jesse Springer celebrates the #1 ranking of the University of Oregon, a multi-platform entertainment complex which also happens on the side to be a nonprofit organization authorized by the state to award academic degrees.

Test your toon captioning superpowers at The New Yorker's weekly caption-the-cartoon contest. (Rules here.) And you can browse The New Yorker's cartoon gallery here.

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