Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The p3 awkward questions: Redux

This item is just a tiny bit overdue. My bad. Although, in its own way, it's an evergreen.

As this blog's tens of thousands of loyal readers already know, the p3 Awkward Questions have to do with the mortal certainty in the hearts of Christian fundamentalist homophobes that allowing gay marriage will lead – directly, inevitably, and almost universally – to man-on-dog sex, or its cross-species equivalent.

The p3 Awkward Questions are as follows:

Why is it that this is the first place their minds go?

Can you really be this worried about stopping something that you haven't already been thinking about – a lot?

This concern is generally cited by homophobes as proof that gay marriage will undermine traditional, straight marriage. Not because it involves humans having sex with animals, per se – although, again, this is where their minds go almost immediately – but because it would be a strike against traditional man-on-woman marriage.

So riddle me this: Via Roy Edroso has come word  – very creepy and unsettling word  – of a New York magazine interview with a fellow who loves his horse. A lot. And not in a chaste, Roy-and-Trigger kind of way. And to hear him tell it, it's mutual. And his (human) wife approves, even encourages, their relationship.

Now I get it that not all Christian conservative homophobes are tapped into the same underground networks that this fellow is. They don't, to my knowledge, share the same lingo, and so forth. (Wow, did I innocently learn my lesson the hard way about that one. Go here and see if you can figure out why it was inadvertently one of my highest traffic posts in ten years.) But the thing about this interview is that the fellow and his wife have been married 19 years. She knows about and is okay with his polyspecies polyamory.

So I've been waiting on upstanding folks like this to weigh in on this story. So far, it's only (unmolested) crickets; the comment section seems to be split between the disgusted and the sympathetic. No one really making a plea for the sacred institution (although some have doubts about the situation – and judgment – of the wife.)

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