Thursday, February 19, 2015

No, Luke -- I am your father!

Digby has uncovered the best reason to keep Jeb Bush out of the White House.

It's this:
[W]hat does all this have to do with Jeb? Well, he happens to be the only Bush who was a card-carrying member of the PNAC. He was a neocon long before neocons were cool. In fact, one must suspect that his early defiance of his father and brother in this regard signals the act of a True Believer. He didn’t need to do it. He was Governor of Florida, not head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. He must have really thought the cause was righteous.

Now he’s in the terrible position of having to distance himself from the reckless foreign policy mistakes of his brother — mistakes that were initiated by the neoconservative claque of which he is a charter member. He’s forced to pretend that he’s actually an adherent of his father’s foreign policy school when in fact he was among those who rejected it with disdain back in the 1990s, an act which led to his brother’s fateful decision to invade Iraq without good cause.
God save and protect the United States of America from another round of the Bush sons working out their daddy issues in the Oval Office.

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