Saturday, December 13, 2014

The unforgiving minute: Attention Android Lollipop team

For the record, if I'd wanted a tablet that arbitrarily locks up important screen features and maybe will fix itself if I power it down and back up again, I'd have purchased a Windows product.

Seriously, ever since Lollipop got pushed onto my Nexus 7 last week, the screen rotate feature works sometimes, sometimes not. Powering off/on restores the function sometimes, sometimes not. I've worked my way through the troubleshooting checklist and the only thing left to try appears to be a full cloud backup and a factory reset. I am understandably reluctant to take that step. Any suggestions from readers would be most welcome.

So far, my experience of Lollipop comes to some layout features I don't find an improvement, and some others that I'm told are there but I'm not seeing. Ordinarily, I would never install the 5.0.1 version of any software, especially an OS. I don't like to do somebody else's beta testing for free. This time, obviously, I didn't get a vote.  

Minute's up.

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