Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The twofer return of the p3 Awkward Questions

So retired neurosurgeon and GOP presidential candidate wannabe Ben Carson let loose with this:
Ben Carson, the incendiary conservative commentator and potential 2016 presidential candidate, isn’t backing down from his claim that allowing same-sex couples to wed will lead to acceptance of pedophilia and bestiality.
After offering the traditional "I'm sorry, although not for what I said and believe, but only if what I said and believe offended anyone" non-apology apology, the man who made his living digging around in other people's thinky bits for serious money explained himself as follows:
“When I mention bestiality or pedophilia in the same sentence with homosexuality, people say ‘Carson says they’re the same.’ Of course they’re not the same. That point was if you change the definition of marriage for one group, you’ll have to change it for the next group and the next group,” Carson said.
Thanks for clearing that up.

Nevertheless, we must ask again the p3 awkward questions:

Why is it that this is the first place their minds go?

Can you really be this worried about stopping something that you haven't already been thinking about – a lot?

We rest our case.
A Mississippi pastor decided to stomp around outside a federal courthouse on Friday with a horse dressed in a wedding gown, to protest legalization of gay marriage in his state.

"I just wanna send a message saying, you know, how far are we gonna take this thing?" Reverend Edward James told local station WJTV.

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