Friday, July 11, 2014

Good news everyone! Another application of the principles of free markets

This week, Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy wondered aloud if charging a driver $500 to run over a bicyclist might be a fair price:
It’s a $500 fine for a motorist to hit a bicyclist in the District, but some behaviors are so egregious that some drivers might think it’s worth paying the fine.
Milloy also longs for the good old days when DC bicyclists were mostly black kids so cops would feel freer to come down hard on them:
I recall in the not-so-distant past when the city’s bikers weren’t newly arrived, mostly white millennials but black juveniles whom D.C. police frequently stopped — at least in neighborhoods that were being gentrified. Stopped for riding on sidewalks. Stopped for riding in parking lots.
Hat-tip to djw at LG&M for noting both Milloy's sleazy logic and his thinly-disguised class anger. And while perhaps Milloy isn't responsible for the headline of his column, it's a bit rich to see an opinion writer, suggesting that it might be a good idea to declare open season on cyclists, calling his targets "bullies." It really does indicate that the term might be reaching the end of its usefulness.

And a tip of the bike helmet to Atrios, for digging deeper into this smug creep's record, including his disturbing habit of talking about his car in a manner that makes you want to avert your gaze.

And credit back once again to djw at LG&M again for demonstrating the p3 theory that it's just as easy to crowdsource many big-foot bloggers like Atrios as it is to follow their high-noise/low-signal blogs until they post something good.

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