Saturday, June 21, 2014

The unforgiving minute: Street cred

When George Will posted his column last week about how unfair it was that rape survivors sometimes try to hang on to a little of their dignity, most people simply treated it as a stupifyingly misogynist rant of potentially career-derailing inappropriateness. (After all, Helen Thomas became an overnight unperson for something that's only different according to your political taste.)

But Roy Edroso has it nailed: Before he knelt chin-deep in the fever swamp of Fox News, whenever George Will wanted to assure his audience that he was a regular guy, just like them – and not, say, an effete, sanctimonious prig – he'd write a column on baseball. But at his new home, they don't give a rat's ass about baseball; it's not the American pastime they're most interested in.
So goodbye ruminative considerations of U.S. policy, hello war on women, only with a bow-tie, and the brethren may consider their cause uplifted by the endorsement of a genuine intellectual. (Camille Paglia must be kicking herself.)
The "Paglia" capper made milk come out of my nose.

Minute's up.

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