Friday, June 27, 2014

A quantum of umbrage: Still no fun?

Updating my speculation from earlier this week that the modern GOP can't even enjoy winning if they don't do it dirty, there's this story:
According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the [Republican-controlled Virginia state] House had told [Virginia's Democratic governor Terry] McAuliffe’s administration to be prepared to receive the budget no sooner than the Monday after Father’s Day. But the House pushed it through earlier than expected, and House Speaker William J. Howell ordered his clerk to have Capitol Police enter the governor’s office to deliver it, even though the executive suite was unoccupied during the holiday.

The timing of the delivery is important because McAuliffe only has seven days to read the budget, sign it, issue vetoes or take other actions after it’s delivered.

In a letter to the Speaker dated last week, chief of staff Paul Reagan called the breach “unacceptable.”

“This letter is to inform you that under no circumstances are you or any of your officers authorized to allow employees of the General Assembly to enter the secure areas of the governor’s office without my express permission, or the express permission of Suzette Denslow, the governor’s deputy chief of staff,” the letter said.
It's comforting to see that the modern Republican party still stays true to its Nixon-era roots.

And don't forget the reason for all this double-dealing and thimble-rigging:: To deny 400,000 fellow Virginians access to health care without the state paying a penny. Because, you know what accessible health care for poor people would mean, right? Healthier poor people.

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