Thursday, May 8, 2014

Good news, everyone: I loved baseball ever since Arnold Rothstien fixed the World Series in 1919

(That was Hyman Roth (in The Godfather, Part II), musing wistfully about the good old days.)

It's not often I find myself agreeing with Hyman Roth. Or Newt Gingrich. As far as Newt goes, here's the last one, about 20 years ago.

But this one, all these years later, has him back on my good side. At least for the moment:

First: I have never been a sports buff. 

No, seriously. I watch the Blazers, the Timbers, and the Seahawks when they're already on, mostly because of the friends I have who do the same, and why would I want to see my friends miserable and not be able to talk about it with them? But I've always rooted for the Packers – even if I couldn't name a single player on either team – simply because the town owned them and the NFL owners hated them for that very reason. In Green Bay, there are middle class and blue collar homes from one end of town to the other with framed share certificates over the fireplace mantel next to the grandchildren and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Several months ago, I was riding down 5th Street headed west, and I realized that a pickup truck in front of me had a licence plate holder saying "I'm A Packer Stock Holder" – and I chased it for three or four blocks before it turned of at an intersection where I was blocked. I just wanted to tell the driver how much I envied him.

I suppose that it will be another twenty years until Newt has another idea that's actually good. So let's enjoy this moment while it's here.

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