Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The awkward p3 question has been taken to the nth degree

Because, I suppose, he wants marriages to last:
Less than a week after claiming the majority of Alabamians are against interracial marriage, State Representative Alvin Holmes told a radio audience he's for interracial marriage, and then some.

Speaking on WVAS radio in Montgomery, Rep. Holmes told a radio audience he's not against marriage between a man and a mule, as long as the "man and the mule get along."
So once again, apart from pointing to Rep. Holmes (who's been in the Alabama state legislature for forty years this November) as evidence that the problem isn't just electing more Democrats, it's electing much better ones, we're forced to ask the p3 awkward question:

Why is it that this is the first place their minds go?

Can you really be this worried about stopping something that you haven't already been thinking about -- a lot?

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