Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nine years ago in p3: I find the job I want, and coin a brand-new word in the process

It was in the days of the newly-reelected Dubya's surprise plan to turn all the money in the Social Security fund over to the same sociopaths whose unregulated speculation with Other People's Money would, a mere four years later, nearly collapse the global economy and remove an incredible amount of wealth from the American economy -- including home equity,the one place other than pensions and Social Security where most Americans put their money away for retirement, as opposed, to say, the Cayman Islands.

But Frank Luntz, the RenĂ© Emile Belloq of political rhetoric, felt that all this talk of "privatization" by Democrats -- and worse,by  the media! as if there was no honor among thieves anymore! -- was getting a little too close to home. A little uncomfortable. A little too . . . real.

So, because I was more dripping with the milk and honey of bipartisanship in those days, I offered some suggestions.

I'm still a little disappointed that the word didn't catch on. True, it was meaningless, but I hardly expected that to be a deal-killer in Frank Luntz's line of work.

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