Monday, December 9, 2013

Good news, everyone: I've arrived in a Mecca of a sort

Turns out the city I'm visiting has a special little place in history I never knew about:
On this day in 1958, Robert H. W. Welch Jr. founded the John Birch Society in Indianapolis, meeting with 11 other men from various states. This national organization adopted as its mission the protection of the United States against communism.

The Encyclopedia of Indianapolis (1994)
Ah, how well I remember that "Save the Republic: Impeach Earl Warren" billboard that once stood defiantly along 16th Street on the west side.

Since those days, of course, international communism has collapsed and the society has somewhat diversified its portfolio.

And yes, there is an Encyclopedia of Indianapolis, although my source for this tidbit was a "Today in Indiana History" item in this morning's Indianapolis Star.

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