Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ultimate Breaking Bad series finale spoiler!

Must credit p3! (See update, below.)

A predicted eight million viewers or more will watch the series finale of “Breaking Bad” tomorrow night. Speculation among fans is rampant, across the internet, around the watercooler, over the backyard fence: Who lives? Who dies (who hasn't already)? Who goes to prison? Who skates?

And above all, what will become of Walter White, high school science teacher and family man turned murderous meth kingpin-on-the-run?

p3 has the answer, obtained from sources so deeply placed that their existence can't be proven, let alone their names revealed. Ready? Catch your breath. . . .

In the final episode of “Breaking Bad,” Walter returns to Albuquerque from his hideout in New Hampshire, is hit on the head with a shanked golf ball, and regains consciousness – only to discover he's back in bed with Lois Wilkerson.

The end.

You're welcome.

Update 11/17/2013:

It only took them seven weeks to catch up with p3:

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