Friday, August 30, 2013

You find your miracle, I'll find mine

So there's this:
An amateur beer maker found an unusual way to toast to the memory of Margaret Thatcher - by finding her image imprinted onto the bottom of his bottle tops.

Lee Harlow, 55, had been preparing the latest batch of his homemade brew when he stumbled upon the eerie image of the former Conservative Prime Minister on the underside of the cap.

Thatcher? Meh. I don't see it. (It's interesting to note that the alleged image of Our Lady of the Falklands only appeared after the cap “had been left for several days soaking in cleaning chemicals.” A lot of objects might begin to resemble Thatcher after such treatment.)

Here's what I see: Another Brit who's never busted unions, sold off public assets, or pushed a big chunk of British children into poverty.

A spokesperson for the Vatican said that the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is ordinarily responsible for such apparitional phenomena, was currently unavailable, handling “a grilled-cheese incident somewhere in the United States.”  Mr. Harlow and the Transylvanian embassy did not return our calls for comment.

(Also, continued p3 get-well wishes to Tim Curry.)

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