Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday morning toons: All roads lead to the quagmire

It's another decade, and America is sucking around for another ground war, because the previous ones either weren't gratifying enough or they're still going on.

And meanwhile, the House Republicans created a hateful Farm Bill so hateful that even they wouldn't vote for it. That's something right there.

If you like today's toon selections, there's no need to leave a comment; the NSA already knows.

In fact, today's toons were selected by the same people who were publicly, loudly, consistently, and unrepentantly wrong about Iraq, but still are given deference from the mainstream media when they want to spend their Sunday mornings and their op-ed writing time arguing that we should get “boots on the ground” (never Ferragamos!) in Syria, from the week's pages at Cartoon Movement, GoComics,, Time,, Daryl Cagle, and other fine sources.

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Luckovich, Jack Ohman, Jim Morin, Clay Bennett, Chris Weyant, Steve Kelley, Nate Beeler, Matt Wuerker, Jen Sorenson, and Monte Wolverton.

p3 Best of Show: Lee Judge.

p3 Legion of Merit: Tim Lockley.

p3 Medal of Honor (with feathers): Chris Weyant.

p3 Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium: Mike Luckovich.

p3 Certificate for Harmonic Toon Convergence: Mike Keefe and David Fitzsimmons.

p3 World Toon Review: Petar Pismestrovic (Austria), Dario Castillejos (Mexico), Giacomo Cardelli (Italy), and Tomas (Italy),

An Ann Telnaes twofer: Washington plays a drum solo, and the return of her wonderful rendering of the evil old bastard himself.

Mark Fiore finds the employment track of the future.

Taiwan's Next Media Animation explains the value of having a second language. I love the little moment of “Girl from Ipanema” near the end.

Recommendations, endorsements, and whatnot:

p3 regular Jim Morin brought Cathy Wilcox to my attention. Nice drafting, nice wit.

And p3 regular Pat Bagley has a summer vacation stunt double: that would be p3 regular Jen Sorensen! Life is good.

Tom Tomorrow examines the virtues of being sensible, with cameos by Sparky the Penguin, Chuckles the Sensible Woodchuck, and Benjamin “Oh Snap!” Franklin.

Keith Knight asks, What's the big deal?

Tom the Dancing Bug presents fun facts to know 'n' trade about NYC!

Red Meat's Bug-Eyed Earl beats the system. And to think you were worried about texting.

We're On Our Way to Rio (1944) is a hat-tip to the “Road” comedies of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope (Paramount owned Famous Studios as well as Hope and Crosby's contracts) – which is why Popeye and Bluto are relatively nonviolent rivals for The Slender One's attentions. “Rio” also reflects the US's WWII “let's be pals” attitude toward South America at the time, reflected the same year by Disney's “The Three Caballeros.” It's directed by Izzy Sparber, with voice work by Jack Mercer (Popeye) and Dave Barry (Bluto), plus musical direction by Sammy Timberg. Mercer also co-wrote the story. credits Margie Hines as Olive, although other sources aren't so sure; perhaps there was a switch-off between the singing Olive and the Olive who had a few non-singing lines. Popeye's line "Senorita, I don't do no Sambo dancin'!" was cut for some television broadcasts. I haven't been able to pin down the “17 Points” joke on the spinach can label – I assume it has to do with wartime rationing, but . . . ?

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The p3 Big Oregon Toon Block:

Matt Bors examines that awkward moment when the Second Amendment has to admit the existence of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments.

Jesse Springer has temporarily disappeared. Here's his archive to keep you contented until his return.

Test your toon-captioning skills at The New Yorker's weekly caption-the-cartoon contest. (Rules here.)

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