Monday, May 13, 2013

The snarling man returns

Here's the birdseye lowdown
Jack Bauer is back! I’ve learned that, after marathon negotiations, Kiefer Sutherland has closed a deal for a new installment of 24 on Fox. With him on board, I hear Fox has greenlighted the real-time drama as a limited series and will announce it during its upfront presentation today.
No word on whether the redoubtable and eternally attitudinal Chloe O'Brian will return as well, although we live on hopes (and Mary Lynn Rasjkub's Twitter feed). No word either, on whether 24's femme ultrafatale Nina Myers -- who, I remind you, could kill you with half a credit card if she wanted to -- will return, a scenario made admittedly less likely by the fact that Jack killed her at the end of Day 3 (but as I said, we live on hopes here at p3).

On the other hand, as I've noted before, if they fit Nancy Allen, Ronny Cox, and Miguel Ferrer for major story arcs, that will mean all the still-living major actors from Robocop will have played an important character somewhere in the series. (Dan O'Herlihy died in 2005.) No one knows exactly why this is so.

In any case, polish the beer mugs and chill the Heineken: Jack's back. And to mark his return, here's a p3 evergreen:
The Jack Bauer Drinking Game

Jack hisses "Damn it!" - sip.
Jack rasps "Right now he's our only lead." - sip.
Jack snarls "Sonofabitch!" - chug.

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