Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday morning tunes: Keeping an eye on people (a p3 twofer)

Happy 72nd birthday (yesterday) to Hibbard MN's favorite son:

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And best wishes for a quick and full recovery to all-rounder Tim Curry, who suffered a whopper of a stroke on Thursday. Curry is, of course, best known around the world as the untrustworthy and inexplicably-British Roger, friend of Roseanne and Dan Connor in Lanford IL. But the most exacting trivia specialists remember him for this:

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Stroke victims have much better odds than they did even a decade ago, in part because there are better treatments if you (or someone you know) get help soon, and in part because it's easier to determine that you (or someone you know) need treatment. When in doubt -- even the slightest doubt -- go to the CPSS test:

1. Ask the person: Show me your teeth. Stroke victims often aren't able to make an even smile on both sides.

2. Ask the person: Close your eyes and raise your arms to shoulder height. Stroke victims often have trouble with arm weakness and balance.

3. Ask the person: Repeat the sentence "Don't cry over spilled milk" (or something similar). Stroke victims may have difficulty with slurring speech. 

If the person has had a stroke, the chances are good that one of these three tests will send up a flag. If so, get them to the emergency room now.

Do it for Tim.

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