Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rest in peace, Roger Ebert

We lost the legendary Chicago Sun Times film critic at 70, to cancer, or to accumulated insults to his body following cancer.

Following surgical procedures that left him unable to speak, Ebert simply took his followers and his wide-ranging curiosity to the internet, where his blog and his Twitter feed immediately became required daily reading. He was a gifted and graceful writer, he was more patient than I would have been with his detractors, and he was uncommonly generous to the talented writers coming up in his wake.

About Richard Lester's “A Hard Days Night,” Ebert wrote this:
The film was so influential in its androgynous imagery that untold thousands of young men walked into the theater with short haircuts, and their hair started growing during the movie and didn't get cut again until the 1970s.

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