Monday, February 11, 2013

The unforgiving minute: The gun safety debate gives us the best metaphor of 2013

We return now to the gun-owner known as Warren, one of a number of “gun-toting demonstrators” (as the Oregonian calls them) who have recently, out of concern that their gun-ownership rights might be in any way restricted, taken to the streets with semi-automatics over their shoulders and handguns in their belts (in Warren's case it was in the Capitol building in Salem last week, where Warren, who has a legal carry permit, is allowed by state law to pack heat).

Note that some of these gun owners have claimed a measure of surprise and disappointment that fellow citizens haven't welcomed their armed public presence as an opportunity to approach them for a thoughtful discussion of the Second Amendment.

Quoth Warren:
He was carrying an AR-15 slung across his back. "It's technically loaded," he said, meaning a full magazine was in place, but no round was chambered.
The magazine was in place, but no round was chambered.

It's official: This now replaces both The porch light was on but no one was home and The elevator didn't go all the way to top floor as my favorite euphemism.

Minute's up.

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