Friday, January 25, 2013

The unforgiving minute: I'm going to develop a multi-passenger vehicle called The Drove.

And I'm going to be frickin' rich.

Who will pay cash on the nail for them, just to get away from the GOP? Well, for starters:

This fall, women turned out in droves to defeat the party of candidates like Richard Mourdock and Congressman Todd Akin, whose misogynist comments on rape were repulsive to most Americans.
Mr. Obama’s victories in Colorado, Nevada and Virginia came in part because Hispanics turned out in droves and voted Democratic.

Gay rights supporters:
Since last month’s election I’ve been analyzing the voter shifts on Nov. 6 that carried gay-marriage advocates to victory in four states, after years of defeats. Yesterday the Washington Post “Outlook” section ran a piece in which I documented one of the most noteworthy shifts: Republican voters, especially in suburbs, crossed over in droves to break with their party’s official position.

Seriously: The Republicans should forget about banning abortions and start worrying about banning the production and sale of Droves, because the people who are driving those are kicking GOP ass.

Minute's up.

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