Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sunday morning toons: America's two big dangers

I'm tired of perpetuating the “fiscal cliff” falsehood, and the “end of the world” meme has mostly fizzled, so let's look at the two things most dangerous to the average Americans: Obama's desire for a “Grand Bargain,” whatever the terms and whatever the cost, and the NRA's desire to blame gun violence in America on anything but guns, whatever the terms and whatever the cost.

Today's toons were selected -- somehow -- from the week's pages at GoComics,, Slate, Time,, Daryl Cagle, and other fine sources.

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Luckovich, Lee Judge, , Jim Morin, Kevin Siers, Tom Toles, Walt Handlesman, Adam Zyglis, Jeff Parker, Jeff Danziger, Matt Wuerker, Jen Sorenson, and Monte Wolverton.

p3 Best of Show: Clay Bennett.

p3 Legion of Honor: Kevin Siers.

p3 Best Adaptation from Another Medium (tie): Chris Weyant, Cameron Cardow, and Daryl Cagle.

p3 Certificate of Harmonic Toon Convergence: Nate Beeler, Steve Sack, Chris Weyant, Adam Zyglis, and Mike Luckovich.

p3 World Toon Review: Petar Pismestrovic (Austria), Fares Garabet (Syria), Ingrid Rice (Canada), Paresh Nath (India), and Cameron Cardow (Canada),

Ann Telnaes celebrates our frontier roots.

Mark Fiore pays due tribute another role of the President.

Taiwan's Next Media Animation brings us this astonishing report of the free market in action: Justin Bieber's testicles -- $2500 apiece?

Kevin Kallaugher gets the the full front page of today's Baltimore Sun. Sweet.

Tom Tomorrow covers the latest threat to planetary safety: the bottomless pit of arbitrary accounting.

Keith Knight has made his list. It all seems so reasonable.

Tom the Dancing Bug sends Antonin Scalia on a night to remember.

Red Meat's Ted Johnson has a total bead on Santa.

I'm one tough Gazookus, which hates all Palookas! What exactly is a Gazookus? Is it like the pompatus of love? Whatever, “I Eats My Spinach,” directed by Dave Fleischer in 1933, animated by Seymour Kneitel and Roland Crandall, with uncredited voice work by Billy Costello, Mae Questel, and William Pennel, is one of two early Popeye toons that present the entire “Popeye” theme song.

If your browser won't display the embedded version, click here.

The p3 Big Oregon Toon Block:

Jack Ohman (still technically grandfathered in as an Oregonian here at p3 until his gig at the Sac Bee starts next month) takes names.

Matt Bors has his doubts about feeling safer. (And check out Matt's strange connection to the Newtown CT shooting.)

Jesse Springer presents a tired argument shot full of holes:

Test your toon-captioning mojo at The New Yorker's weekly caption-the-cartoon contest. (Rules here.)

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