Thursday, November 29, 2012

The season ended very early this year

Regular readers may recall that I have a traditional battle that begins on the day after Thanksgiving and continues until Christmas Eve -- or until I hear “The Little Drummer Boy,” whichever comes first.

There's no special reason it's that song. (Well, maybe, but probably not.) The point is, I try to make it as long as possible without hearing it. You can browse the War on “the Little Drummer Boy” tab, on the new and improved p3 list at right, for explanatory theories as well as previous years' scores.

The rules are simple: As soon as I hear the song, I've lost and the game is over until next year. It doesn't count when friends (I use the term without prejudice here) deliberately play the song to make me “lose.” And it doesn't count if it's this specific version, which I love for its transcendental weirdness, but those are the only exceptions. I've never made it to Christmas Eve. (Well, I actually did once, years ago, but we weren't keeping records back then so it has to be treated like an exhibition match). My best performance in regulation play so far was December 15th, 2011.

So Tuesday, November 27th, at 8:32 pm, it came on the radio and that was that until November 29th, 2013. I should have known; I was riding in a car with a friend who was excited that she'd found two Portland FM stations that had gone to all-Christmas music format until the season's over. I should have realized at that moment that I was riding in a ticking bomb and bailed for the curb. Sigh.

The officials are uncertain how to score this one: My previous worst season was 2008, when I actually got nailed on Black Friday. But because of the timing of Thanksgiving on the calendar, that meant it happened on November 28th. So if you count from whatever date Opening Day landed on that year, then 2008 was my worst year ever, since I didn't even last 24 hours after the end of Thanksgiving. On the other hand, if you simply determine the score based on the calendar date or days left until Christmas, then 2012 is my worst year.

This is why I may have to appoint a Commissioner of the War on "The Little Drummer Boy" before next November.


Anonymous said...

I made it until 12/20 08:28 when I heard the song on NPR Morning Edition. I don't think I am exposed to as much music as you. Or maybe Oregon has a strange fascination with the song?

Nothstine said...

Hi, Darley --

You could be right; I could just be exposed to more Xmas music. Nevertheless: vigilance! It pleases me that you're keeping track yourself -- congrats on making it to 12/20.

Hope all's well with you and your family.