Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Banned Book Week: Still not over until we say it is!

Here's Batocchio's round-up of blogs celebrating Banned Book Week.

Yes, yes, Banned Book Week 2012 technically ended on October 6th, but I've already decided that it doesn't really end until we say it does. Should we be respectful to secretaries only on Secretaries' Day? No!

Should we plant trees only on Arbor Day? No!

Should we show our respect and gratitude for veterans only on Veterans Day? No!

Should we bite the ears off of chocolate rabbits only on Easter Sunday? No!

And should we only take one itty-bitty week out of the year to protect and celebrate freedom of speech and thought?

Absolutely not! I knew you were with me!

So follow through Batocchio's great list of links at the Vagabond Scholar. And we'll see you back here for the next installment of p3 Banned Book Week, which will almost certainly arrive before the last week in September 2013.

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