Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two things I wish cyclists and drivers could get on the same page about

1. The bike lane is not a right-turn lane for cars.

2. Unlike cars, bikes have a "stall speed," below which point they became unstable and difficult to steer precisely. So if traffic patterns don't let a bike stay comfortably above a certain minimum speed -- depending on the bike, the rider, and the road conditions, it's something around 4 mph -- things get less safe, not more so. Best option: Don't force bikes to go that slowly. Next-best option: If they have to slow down that much, give them a little extra room.


Anonymous said...

1. It's a highway. Learn to share it like the cars have to. Learn what a stop sign is, don't assume the driver sees you and either ride on the street or on the walk but stop weaving where you want and riding across crosswalks.

2. It's a car. It weighs roughly 10x what you do and it can't swerve or stop in an instant to avoid you.

Nothstine said...

So it's all about bikes changing their behavior. Good to know, Anonymous.