Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday morning tunes: They will never forget you till somebody new comes along

Earlier this week, Charlie Pierce made some obituary remarks about the demise of Newt Gingrich's 2012 presidential campaign, as well as his role as the kid in the front row of the GOP who always raises his hand before the teacher finishes the question:
I underestimated how far out of favor with most of the conservative power structure Gingrich actually had fallen. Twenty years ago, he was the intellectual anchor of the movement, the Man Of The Moment, the fount of new and innovative conservative ideas. (Yeah, most of them were new and innovative ideas for how to call your Democratic opponent a dog-fondling Socialist weasel, but people played along with him.) Now, he broke and a joke. This has to be absolutely killing him. Willard Romney, a wealthy Yankee fop with only one real political idea in his head — "Me President Too Some Day" — is cake-walking to the nomination, and he's doing it on the bones of Gingrich's career. Moreover, there even is a new Man Of The Moment, a new fount of new and innovative conservative ideas, and he's only been married once, and he's getting the same level of mainstream Beltway journo-love that Newt and his T-Rex skull used to get. Paul Ryan is the new genius in town, and Newt's the guy on the orange crate on the corner, showing everyone his old copies of Time magazine with the cover picture of a guy people barely remember. No more trips to the moon, gang. Zombie-eyed granny-starving is the new glory train.
Hey Newt, this song's for you:

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Leroy Newton Gingrich: You're walking away and they're talking behind you / They will never forget you till somebody new comes along

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