Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quote of the Day: On the First Amendment rights of Leviticus-only Christians

Charlie Pierce is absolutely correct about the rights of Ron Brown, the professional homophobe partially subsidized by the taxpayers of the state of Nebraska:
Brown's views are narrow, intolerant, and not half as Christian as he thinks they are. But the laws in question ban actual discrimination. They do not ban approval of discrimination. They do not ban prayerful support of discrimination. Whatever Brown thinks, and whatever he says, ought not to be touched by any law.[...]

I do not believe that any action should be taken against Ron Brown based on what he says and what he believes. That's not what we should be doing to people in this country. But somebody should take him aside and explain to him that the world is changing around him and that, for everyone's sake, it's time for him to adjust or get out of the way.

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