Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reading: Pierce on life after Citizens United

I look at his argument about where the Iowa caucus results are inexorably pointing us from every direction, and I wish I could find some reason to disagree, but I can't.
It moves forward now. A staggered frontrunner who has shown himself to be the best one of them at fighting on this new terrain, and an outright Papist nutter who thinks the states can and should ban birth control, and who loves all human life, except those lived happily by his fellow citizens who are gay, who he believes need to remain second-class citizens. Both of them confronting each other in a system that has become so sodden with anonymous corporate money that it would make liars out of the most sincere politicians who ever lived, which these two guys certainly are not. There is nothing to stop it. There are no sensible politicians who willingly would disarm themselves first. The election of the next president does not belong to the country any more. But we will pretend that it does. We are very good at that.
(Emphasis added.)

Even this tiny pinpoint of light, important as it is, is unlikely to offer much help.

Pierce's utterly depressing piece is going onto the long-neglected p3 Readings list on the sidebar.

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