Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The unforgiving minute: Devolution deniers

The conservative base believes that dinosaurs and humans once shared the planet, but refuses to acknowledge that reasonable Republicans walked the earth in our own lifetimes.
To fully comprehend the sad spectacle that has become American politics since the 1980s, you need not peruse the politics section of major periodicals. Or the opinion, news or business pages of illustrious publications.

No, lately you’d be best served by heading on over to the obituary section.

For example, this past week, a legislative giant from an earlier and more evolved Republican Party - that is to say, one in which dazzling audiences with tales of cantering saddleback on the family T-Rex was not considered “reaching out to the base” - former Senator Charles Percy, passed away. This sad news has come not long after the passing of another Republican legend, former Oregon Senator Mark Hatfield.
Minute's up.

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