Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday morning toons: Say goodbye to all that!

Say goodbye to:

  • Rick Perry's presidential prospects 
  • Chris Christie's professional modesty 
  • Dmitry Medvedev's presidency 
  • The old marathon record 
  • October   

But don't say goodbye to America's Tahrir Square, 'cause it ain't gone anywhere yet. (Not sure what to think about how under-represented -- make that non-represented -- the third week of the #occupywallstreet demonstrations has been  in this week's political cartoons.)

Today's selections have been lovingly hand-selected from the week's political cartoon pages at Slate, Time, Mario Piperni,, and Daryl Cagle:

p3 Picks of the Week:   Mike Luckovich, Paul Szep, Stuart Carlson, John Darkow, Ben Sargent, Bill Day, Clay Bennett, Joel Pett, Tom Toles, David Fitzsimmons, Eric Allie, John Cole, and Monte Wolverton.  

p3 Best of Show: Milt Priggee.

p3 World Toon Review: Cam Cardow (Canada), Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland), Pavel Constantin (Romania), and Ingrid Rice (Canada).

Ann Telnaes celebrates the GOP “Idea Man” turning his attention to health care. His opponents won't have a leg to stand on. Heh.

Mark Fiore explores the new Tea Party budgetary concept of compassionate offsets.

Taiwan's Next Media Animation knows that the Onion is a satire source, not a news source. Why didn't official DC?

Tom Tomorrow brings us the latest confrontation between MiddleMan and his arch-rivals Captain Orange and Turtle Man -- will three years of getting the football pulled away make a difference? Or, you know, not?

The K Chronicles celebrates transitions.

Tom the Dancing Bug is just really, really depressing this week. Go see it. You'll have fun..

Red Meat returns to Papa Maori, who can sense a single atom's decay from nine galaxies' distance. Ah, if only . . .

For once, I'm not sure The Comic Curmudgeon has gone far enough. I don't think this is about Ditto's blood sugar; it's about why Mr. Fulton wanted Ditto to know about that hotel. Yeesh.

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman looks at the point where reality show and political reality meet. (By the way, no way Christie will get in the race for 2012. He has everything to gain by trailing his skirts for the media and the beltway pundits, but nothing to gain by actually becoming a candidate. By Thanksgiving he'd be the next/last Rick Perry.)

A tribute to the insanely fast Patrick Makau of Kenya: Here's the 1942 Disney short “The Olympic Champ,” starring that blithe everyman (everydog?) Goofy, directed by Jack Kinney and narrated by John McLeish. Roger Rabbit was right: Goofy was a GEEEE-nius! (And a dash of Tennyson, all for the same low-low price!)

(Note to Facebook friends: If you're reading this in FB Notes, you'll need to click View Original Post, below, to see the video.)

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer isn't sorry to see Oregon opting out of NCLB.  

Test your toon-captioning skills at The New Yorker's weekly caption-the-cartoon contest. (Rules here.)

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