Saturday, April 2, 2011

Late Saturday evening tunes: All the girls and boys makin' all that noise

For reasons that would take too long to explain, I spent 12 hours today volunteering as a judge at a high school forensics tournament: extemporaneous speaking, poetry reading, and public debate, plus other events I didn't attend.

One of the coaches I met today was talking with me -- of course, all the teachers and coaches were -- about the apparently-inevitable funding cuts coming to public education in Oregon, especially to all non-major-sport activities. The coach said to me, I don't mind if they cut our budget again; I just hope they don't eliminate us.

For the record, these are those same arrogant union bastards (who aren't working on a contract at the moment, by the way) that Republicans and Tea Partiers have been pointing to as the root of all evil in the modern world.

So I spent the day in the halls of Tigard HS, with lord-knows how many smart, motivated, organized, articulate, and self-disciplined high school kids. They were great. Every one of them.

And this song goes out to them all. Just, you know, because.

By the way, State Rep. Margaret Doherty (D-Tigard) was there this morning, too, totally in her judging groove -- pretty much the same as she is for every local tournament, as far as I can tell. Thanks, Representative Doherty.

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