Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Five things I learned from reading the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy

1. In Sweden, all consumer products come from one of six places: Ikea, Apple, Nokia, Erikson, Scandia, or McDonald's. The only known exception to this rule is bottled mineral water, which never has a brand name.

2. In Sweden, ill-tempered, workaholic, out of shape, middle-aged, commitment-phobic men get offered all the sex they could ever want, by women from every conceivable walk and station of life. They are not required to show gratitude or offer apology for this.

3. In Sweden, everyone is required to dress in black trousers, T-shirt, and a leather jacket.

4. In Sweden, when one enters any structure -- e.g., a shed, living room, condo, conference room, or abandoned factory -- one must immediately estimate the available square footage.

5. In Sweden, no form of human social interaction -- including casual conversation, business meetings, sexual intercourse, kidnapping, torture, and political assassination -- can take place until coffee has been served.

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