Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday morning tunes: Marian McPartland and Dave Brubeck

Didn't even know this was out there. Marian and Brubeck sit down together on the Paul Desmond classic that was Brubeck's big breakout hit.

As always, I play Marian McPartland for my friend Marilyn, whose birthday is this week (I'm pretty sure) and who I'm just not making much headway getting back in touch with.


russkirk said...

Ditto here, never heard this. Got to see Brubeck quartet at the Hollywood Bowl the summer that Take Five came out. Awesome.

Nothstine said...

I'm envious. I got into Brubeck in the late '60s, and first saw him perform at Purdue, in 1972-73-ish, with his sons, promoting the Two Generations of Brubeck album. It was amazing.