Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday tunes: Try thinking more than just for your own sake

Four reasons to bring this song up now, with less than two weeks before the midterm elections:

First, it's a classic case of a George Harrison song for the Beatles that features "naughty chords" -- sharped, diminished, and half-stepped moves departing from the standard I - IV - V structure of 12-bar blues. There were those, sometimes close to home, who faulted George for this R&B apostasy. Not me.

Second, Rubber Soul never, ever gets played enough.

Third, this album put me through a phase where I thought that every song could be improved with a fuzz bass. My bandmates of those days gently but firmly set me straight in time.

And finally, "Think for Yourself" sounds like a relationship break-up song, but it ain't:

Written and sung by George Harrison, it is a warning against listening to lies. In his book I Me Mine he writes, "But all this time later, I don't quite recall who inspired that tune. Probably the government."


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