Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday morning tunes: They said it was a weather balloon

Soul Coughing's "Unmarked Helicopters" made the soundtrack of the first season of "The X-Files," in one of its most memorable episodes: Fallen Angel, featuring comic and sad UFO-obsessive Max Fennig, who's been following Mulder and Scully's investigations from a distance (turns out their department travel vouchers were subject to the FOIA). In the first season, Scully's role in the partnership was still ambiguous at best -- keeping a scientific-respectability leash on Mulder's extreme-possibility ideas? or spying on him for the Cigarette Smoking Man, and possibly AD Skinner?

"So this is the enigmatic Dr. Scully . . . ?" Max grins shyly and slyly when she confronts Fennig and Mulder in a military detention facility, hundreds of miles from where Mulder is supposed to be at that particular moment. He extends a hand in greeting, and she freezes him with a stare. Those were the days.

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