Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday morning tunes: Take that, Pixar!

In 1961, Ernie Kovacs produced a series of strange short films set to the magnificent, hi-fi envelope-pushing music of Juan Garcia Esquivel, whose albums enjoyed a well-deserved revival as "space-age bachelor pad music" as part of the lounge music vogue of the early 1990s. This one, modestly called "Musical Office," features Esquivel's versions of "Jalousie" and "Sentimental Journey."

And here's Kitchen Symphony from the same series.

The minimalist vocals on "Sentimental Journey" are performed by the Van Horne Singers, the most famous studio singing group you never heard of, instantly recognizable to a generation of kids as the voices singing almost every Hanna-Barbera theme song ever, including "The Flintstones," "Wally Gator," and "Magilla Gorilla."

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