Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday morning toons: Everybody likes Ike!

I'm going out for breakfast after posting this. If anyone wants to know where, there'll be a 1-hour special on ESPN where I'll announce my choice.

Meanwhile, let's kick things off with Daryl Cagle's toon round-up for this week.

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Luckovich,Bruce Plante, R. J. Matson, John Darkow, Adam Zyglis, and Monte Wolverton.

p3 Order of Highest Valor: Steve Breen.

p3 Best of Show: Mike Keefe.

p3 Legion of Merit: Steve Sack.

p3 Yellow Card: Jeff Stahler.

p3 World Toon Review: Ingrid Rice (Canada), Tjeerd Royaards (Netherlands), Stephane Peray (Thailand), Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland), and Cameron Cardow (Canada).

Ann Telnaes notes another lesson learned at the Pentagon.

Mark Fiore looks at the up-side for Jobless Jack -- it's there, but you have to wait for it.

Pelicans! Comical, yes, but Tom Tomorrow reminds us they're more dangerous than you think!

More lessons learned: This one, from The K Chronicles, is dedicated to my new-parent friends, and they know who they are (although the odds are overwhelming they don't have time or energy to be reading this).

Who's to blame? Seriously? You're asking? Barry Deutsch reassures you: it's exactly who you figured it was. I mean, who else could it be?

Comic Riffs interviews Garry Trudeau about his commitment to realistic coverage of the military, and the five-letter word that can get you pulled from Newsday.

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman asks: Will this be the final stamp?.

It's Ike-A-Riffic! At Drinking Liberally last week we were talking about Ike. Partly it was because I surrendered to Nick my "I Like Ike" button from 1952; it's a clean, elegant design, smaller than a dime, and -- talk about a sign of the times! -- it was printed at a union shop. (Nick totally deserved it; several weeks ago he sent away for a vintage [not repro] Nixon Now bumper sticker from the 1972 campaign.) The button, in turn, got some of us talking about Misty's "guess who" quiz at Shakesville. Take the quiz and you'll see: It was a different time -- arguably a different universe, certainly a different Republican Party. To commemorate the discussion as well as the passing of the button/torch, here's one of the first TV ads for a national political campaign (1952), with music by Irving Berlin and animation by the Disney studio.

This is also noteworthy as the first, and probably last, recorded instance of Dwight Eisenhower being described as "hep." Like I said: arguably a different universe, certainly a different Republican Party.

Bonus animation: A lecture on "the crises of capitalism" by British professor of anthropology David Harvey comes to life courtesy of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Society (RSA). Let's see Glenn Beck do this with a dry-mark board!

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer notes the courage of a lame duck. (Click to enlarge.)

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