Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday afternoon tunes: "Somewhere, our union's growing"

This year's push to legalize (and tax) the sale of marijuana in Oregon fizzled pretty quickly, but the initiative to create California-style marijuana dispensaries just squeaked onto the Oregon ballot for November.

California, always a jump ahead, has seen the first unionizing the growers of medical marijuana, perhaps the first time that a union (United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 5, in Oakland) has organized workers who help manufacture a product that remains, for now at least, illegal under federal law.

But some people may remember The American Dope Grower's Union (not affiliated with the UFCW), which got its start not in California, but rather "live from New York:"

(From April, 1977. In addition to the regular cast of "Not Ready for Prime-Time Players," half the writers from that season were drafted to sing in the chorus.)

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